When You Fall, It’s Time to Get Up Again

This past weekend I went out and tried something entirely new. Being inspired to try ice skating by a certain incredibly popular anime, I’ve bought tickets to go last Saturday.  Having never skated before in y life, I went into the rink clueless.

My friends and I timidly stepped onto the ice and tried to get the hang of skating. Me, being not intimidated by falling, attempted going as fast as possible right away. You may have guessed it already, but I fell… A lot.


My knees paid the price. Can’t gain anything thing without giving something up, right?

My friends hung onto the railing for the majority of the two hours spent at the rink and didn’t gain much experience. I, on the other hand, threw caution to the wind and tried to skate like a pro. I may have fallen more than fifteen times, but it was worth to. Why didn’t my friends improve on skating as quickly as I did in our short two hours and having started at the same basic skill level? They hung onto the guards, didn’t take risks, and played it safe. I let what was going to happen happen and went for the goal.

This is a lot like learning new things, more specifically how to improve writing. Last week, too, my whole English class to blindly write a practice AP test essay. Admittedly we all did pretty horribly, missing the point of the essays completely. Our writing skills are good, but we didn’t know what the test was looking to get from us. We spent the rest of the week learning from our mistakes and gaining knowledge. Even though we “fell” we now have to get up and try again to improve ourselves. I’ve found the best way to improve is to just go for the goal, and learn from every mistake along the way. Falling may be painful, I’m certainly still in pain, but in the end it is the most beneficial.


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