Not-so-Blissful Ignorance

Anosognosia or the Dunning-Kruger effect is quite the puzzle. Originally used as a term for a severe mental illness, it has been adapted to describe a common problem we all face. Characterized as not possessing the ability to tell when your wrong due to your own lack of knowledge, this problem is faced by the entire human race.


Now is the time to wonder, ” How can we avoid this? Is there any way to get around this problem for the average person?” We all posses varying levels of knowledge, and using this we can help each other. Keeping critical people around you, no matter how bitter they may be, is a good way to do it. Being open to criticism and other’s ideas and opinions is a huge part of evolving as a person. Going even further, we come across a harder to answer question. How can we help large crowds afflicted by it? As you can see here, Devega of Salon proposes the idea that those who support Trump don’t know see how he is wrong because they are so deluded. I do not wish to make fun of, or play favorites, I just though this was a good example. It really focuses on the idea of society possible being brainwashed or convinced that something is right, so much so that no one can see they are wrong.

Personally, I enjoy this subject. It really makes my most valued trait of Amenability  seem even more important. To be able to take in criticism and the opinions of others is truly the best way to level up as a person, in my opinion.


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