Holiday Blues

Around every holiday some people get a case of the “Holiday Blues.” This really just means that they can’t help but feel down, or more specifically, depressed around the holidays. I can’t help but wonder, “Why is this?” I, a chronic sufferer, can tell you this odd ailment is very real. As a child I usually had pretty grandiose holidays and family events, but after a while this light in these events died out. No, it’s not at all like feeling blue before finishing another year of high school and getting older, it’s more like a feeling of being let down. I really wish I could get into the cheer and go all out for holidays. Whether it be the depression or just being a teenager, I can’t seem to find the energy.


Ever feel like no matter what you just can’t enjoy holidays as much as other people seem to be enjoying their’s? I certainly felt this at the most recent Thanksgiving. When you can’t help but feel let down because the holidays didn’t magically disappear you worries away, the holiday blues really hit. Though, my definition is by no means official, I think knowing what others call this kind of sadness would be interesting. I hope the chronic sufferers like me can find some solace in knowing that the same thing happens to other people.


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