The Feeling of Accomplishment

After hours of slaving away at the sewing machine and a multitude of trips to Joanne’s I finally managed it. Not long ago, I finished what is quite possibly my largest sewing project ever.


My friend and I posing for a picture on H

After days of stress and rushing it has been completed! I do not want to end up like I was the night before Halloween again. Now I know what you’re thinking, ” But isn’t the journey there supposed to be what’s important?” I’ve had class discussions and even blogged about the journey being more fulfilling than the end goal. While I still think the journey to the goal is fun, sometimes the end goal is just as satisfying. Halloween was my day to parade around the school and tell everyone that I made it. It was my hours of work and effort put into this to make the costume. Admittedly, I couldn’t complete it exactly as I wanted, but I still managed to pull off a decent looking Red Sea Witch Costume.

Much like how in Howl’s Moving Castle the end resolution is incredibly satisfying and relieves the main character of a terrible burden, I felt a great deal of relief when finishing the costume. The days leading up to Halloween were stressful and hectic as I spent hours upon hours trying to finish on time. The work was honestly very hard because I pushed my self to do things I’ve never even considered doing before. Have I ever made a shirt before? No. Have I ever dyed clothes before? Nope! In order to reach my goal, I had to do a bunch of things I’d never done before, and it became very stressful. It makes me wonder how many people enjoy the journey to their goals more or enjoy the end results more. It seems like just an opinion, but it would be fun to know, generally, what people think about the subject.

Want to know how I learned to sew a sailor outfit from scratch for the first time? It’s right in this helpful tutorial that acted as my bible for two days straight.




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