Man I Really Love my cat

Cats are pretty great. I know I’ve said this before, but I feel I must reiterate. I really love my cat, Shinx. He’s so great. He goes against cat logic. He is needy, loving, funny–really he’s the whole package of what a loving pet should be.


Look at him. The love of my life.

On a serious note, I think that there is a reason people today are so obsessed with cats. They provide this feeling of love and affection that those who are lonely, or even in a relationship crave. Cats are always there. Depending on the personality they love in different ways much like a human. Cats are needy, opinionated, and understanding beings, and I don’t mean to put dogs down, but cats have a different temperament than dogs for the most part. I love dogs and have had many, but having a cat has been a whole new experience for me. Shinx has such a strong personality, it’s so interesting to see him go about his day. He’s somehow managed to adopt my personality. We sleep in the same positions, give my mother the same glare, and even get scared the same. I wonder if other people have had the same experience I have with my cat because Shinx is rather peculiar. Cats have quite an array of personalities.


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