Fake it Till You Make it

In life you have to take risks. It’s a fact. The way to get ahead of the rest is to jump into things and go for the gold. I’ve always been somewhat weary of this idea, for often times I find that I need to think my decisions through before proceeding with any sort of actions. Well, I didnt think things through this time. Last year, in my  fear of being inadequate to my peers by not taking enouhg Ap’s I decided to just jump into Ap art.

Now this idea does not seem like such a abd idea for someone like me, who’s entire life is basically based around the fact that I can draw. I’ve draw for as long as I can rememebr, and continued to improve and grow by looking at others and competing.


First Serious Colored Pencil Drawing

Much like in Okami where Issun’s motto is to “jump first and think second” I jumped right into Ap art without thinking. Not having taken any other art classes at all, ever, I was placed in a class I felt I didn’t deserve to be in. Come to think of it, do people who jump into things without thinking and not fit the qualifications really deserve the position? That’s what I was thinking regarding my situation. I didn’t try to be in art, and I especially never made it in conventiaonally. I just asked and they let me. No protfolio submission or drawing studies needed.

The big problemI face right now is the fact that I have to draw in Mediums I’ve never even touched before. In fact, I’m so lost in this class I’ve developed the motto of  “fake it like a professional.” I don’t actually know how to use the mediums for my projcest, I just fake it and make something as aesthetically pleasing as possible. It makes me wonder if real art professionals do the same. Is evryone really just flying by the seat of their pants?  I’m both very grateful to have this class, but also somewhat bothered by the feeling that I don’t deserve to be there even if my winged art projects turn out nice. This article seems to validate my idea.


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