Trying New Things

Recently, per demands of school I’ve had to trouble myself with trying new things. I’ve learn to stretch pretty thin, too. Need me to sew something? Need me to illustrate a comic? Use a medium I’ve never used before? No choice, I’ll do it. Of course because all I want is the grade. I’m not even used to blogging–how can I write to impact someone? How do I write in a pleasing manner to those of you who will read this? I don’t have a clue. Here I am struggling–trying my best to figure what kinda of style will please you the most.


Anyways, recently I had to try new things and struggle my way through crafting a mole stuffed animal, last minute, for my science teacher. It was pretty bad. Ugly, lumpy, and endearingly creepy. But, I tried. I did my best and did something I’ve never done before and I think that gives me more value as a person. This sums up my thoughts perfectly.


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