With Regards to Growing Older…

What’s so great about getting older? Why do some fear aging, while others excitedly embrace it? Recently, I went to me nephew’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. I saw a huge contrast between me an my nephew. He’s so young–just turning five–and his passion for everything is so overwhelming. He wants to grow up, make friends, and looks forward to his future. Is this childish naivety what inspires the young towards what adults hate?


     I think that often times younger, more ignorant kids will look forward to their future because they wish to reach an age that allows them to do as they please. They forget that by reaching that age one must become mature and learn how to deal with the world. This idea many of us teens who posses a more pessimistic view on life tend to fear. I’ve seen the same such problems in Kiki’s Delivery Service. An ignorant rushes ahead into the adult world upon her coming of age test and has to learn the hard way how to get through life. There is an article that actually explains some of the best growing up theme Ghibli films, one of them being Kiki’s Delivery Service. A good article for anyone who wants to explore this idea, for it suggests movies that will bring reality to kids who want to grow up too quickly.

     In my opinion no one should want to grow up too fast. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to drop the idealistic, stress-free life of a child for the responsibilities and emotions of an adult. Age hardens a soul and turns us bitter. Some cannot take it and leave early, or break under the pressure. Personally, I’m terrified of growing up. It seems like too much– something I can’t handle. I know this is not how everyone feels, but it is still best to be wary of the future. As they say, ignorance is bliss, and such an idea fits the idealistic child who wants to be big perfectly.


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