Our Relationship with Creation

The relationship people build with their favorite fictional characters is special, and embodies a feeling that almost all of us can relate to. These feelings may not be very strong in some people, but for others it grows into something so much more. Spread across every social media platform are artists. Many of which do fanart. These artists form a special bond towards their favorite series, and often times single out certain character they love the most. Some even express dedication through creating blogs dedicated to one character, as can be seen here.

Most commonly you can see them gush over how much the love a character they dubbed their “son” or “wife” etc. Why do we get so involved with simple fictional characters? Often times people find traits in the characters that they themselves wish to have, or the characters are relatable. However, that it my opinion on why people like, and the question can be interpreted and answer in a variety of ways.




People feel solace in anime characters and book character the same way thy find comfort in family members they idolize. This may contribute to why fan assign the characters such titles. Psychologically, it’s interesting to investigate why we, as a species, feel the need to engage in such odd behavior. We find ourselves immersed in the lives of fictional characters. I enjoy this topic because it allows me to indulge and escape to somewhere away from my everyday, or even find strength in these fictional characters. I often find my self wishing to contribute to their popularity by producing fanart. What Namie said it true, drawing you favorite fictional character really feels like you professing your love to them.


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