Dealing with Art Block

For the average creator at least once in their life they’ll experience the inevitable–art Block. It completely hinders any  creativity. I have experienced this many times, so much so I’d deemed my self a pro at suffering with it. However, my art block is more often than not due to an actual mental health issue, my input is still a rather valid opinion on the subject matter.

Now the question of the day is “how do we deal with art block?” Many have speculated a variety of remedies that work depending from person to person, and only recently a popular artist made a video with her opinion art block.

This video sparked up a huge debate in the art community, and while the original creator has grown tired of the discussion I find it is still relevant. Similar to other social problems today like dress code and racial tensions, this entire issue in itself is based on opinion. I would like to see exactly how many other people agree with her video and how many disagree and for what reasons, but I don’t currently have the popularity or relevance on the net to run such  poll.

The hardest hitting part of her video is when she mentions that people who have art block don’t actually like to draw. I, as an artist, am furious with this statement because who is she to say who likes and doesn’t like art. Such a presumptuous assumption is asinine and haughty at best.  She does, have valid a blunt points in the video, which are totally understandable, but the last one went too far.

Moving, on my personal advice for those who have art block is definitely NOT to quit doing art. Just wait, and let the inspiration come to you. It may take a while, but one day it will pop up out of nowhere and motivation will hit you like a truck. Sometimes, even inspired works that turn out to be just a test of skills come out delightfully nicely and bring pack some of your inspiration.

Here’s one of my uninspired art block works for example.



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