Could this be it for California?

Let’s face it, we’ve all heard the spiel from a family member or friend about how they just know California is going to break off and fall into the ocean. With the recent news, I feel we should ask ourselves “is it right to have dismissed those ideas?” The earthquake swarm indicates that either a large one will strike or they will die out. As humanity advances, technology and our ability to predict natural disasters does as well. However, with all of this technology can we ever really tell when the true BIG ONE is gonna hit?



Society feeds off of these big disasters the same way kids on a playground follow rumors. Remember Y2K, 2012, 2013, and even those “Mega Storms” that were scheduled to hit California?

Now I’m not saying these thoughts are completely unfounded– the Earthquake and Storms are backed by scientific evidence. All I wish to point out is that this fear of worst often leads to nothing. I appreciate the news outlets coverage and overall caution given to the people, for all we know this could really happen. But we must recall that, technically the world is overdue for some major disasters. What about that long overdue super volcanic eruption that would kill of all of the human race? I don’t see anyone preparing for that, but there sure is some compelling scientific evidence for that.

Now we get to the compelling part. The fear mongering that goes on across social media and even in real life. Some people just enjoy scaring others. People like that are the reason events such as this get blown out of proportion. Yes, you do need to be cautious if you live in Southern California.Yes, please review some earthquake safety precautions. But, do you have to fear for your life? Nope!

Well, tomorrow is the last day we are still candid for having a 7.0 earthquake, so it looks like we’ll have to wait and see if all the fear mongering was for a good cause or not.


One thought on “Could this be it for California?

  1. I agree with you about this whole “big earthquake coming” thing. Honestly, we blow things out of proportion. For example, if you remember the whole “2012 is the end,” it didn’t really happen, yet everyone started panicking over it. I think everyone has taken this whole earthquake thing a bit too far. For this week, all I see over social media is earthquake this and earthquake that. Like I understand that everyone should be warned, but sometimes we should not take things too seriously.


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