Are People Becoming Too Greedy?

Recently a popular Korean app hit the app store and people are going crazy. The mainly female demographic has blown up multiple social medias with it. However, with fans. comes cheaters. Cheritz began banning people who cheated at the game and now the banned players have started a petition to allow cheating. Is this going too far?  Are we becoming too entitled?  (click picture for link to petition)tumblr_inline_obem8uqfsx1r28w0t_500


2 thoughts on “Are People Becoming Too Greedy?

  1. Personally, I think this whole Mystic Messenger thing is a little… annoying. I feel like it’s just another dating sim that just randomly got a whole lot more popular than the rest of them. Maybe because the boys are “hotter” than other dating sim boys. Well, I have no experience with it, except seeing tons of nerve-racking memes about it on my feed, but maybe people think that the story line is better than everything else. In my opinion, I think it’s like the new Pokemon Go. People will obsess over it for a few months, and then it’ll die out.


    • I totally get it. It’s probably going to die out soon– I mean I’ve already completed the game in most of it’s entirety. However, if the developers implement V or Unknown’s routes people will flock to the game. ( I know I will) It also has great potential for a sequal. Honestly, the story is really cliche, but they took the time to draw it out and even made the characters pretty new and interesting, so I understand why people are obsessed with it. If you were wondering on why it’s so hyped up, it’s because a Korean company made it. The Japanese-fan-base-pandering otome game makers are pretty much mass producing trashy games. I’ve also noticed an enormous discrepancy between dialogue quality and meme relevance between Japanese otome and Korean otome which may explain it’s popularity. Additionally, they real-time based messaging system is a brand new concept in the otome industry. On the characters being “hotter” than most, I can’t really see that except for the fact that they aren’t all same-faced and plain Japanese teenager pandering ikemen. Also, you get to date a girl, so perhaps people are viewing as progressive.

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